I Love Touring Rome, Italy – Vatican City District Hotels

The Hotel Atlante Star has 5 floors. It claims to be the only hotel in central Rome to offer free transportation from the Fiumicino airport. The roof garden restaurant, which seats up to 200 guests is open every afternoon and evening of the year. Breakfast is served on the roof. The hotel offers a fully equipped conference room for a maximum of 70 persons and offers simultaneous translation services. The address is Via Vitelleschi, 37 – 00193 – Rome.

In interiors brown is a versatile colour to decorate with. It is not as dark as black, but a rich hue that provides a backdrop for lots of other colours. Contrast a warm chocolate-brown with a light tone of blue and white to create a rich contrast and a sense of ease and space. Brown works well with other earthy colours like orange, yellow or red in lounge rooms, kitchens or bedrooms. Use brown for focal pieces of furniture like dining tables, sofa tables, lounges or sideboards and decorate with brighter accent colours in cushions, art and decor.

iStock Imageitalian wood furniture Situated in Shanghai, China, this Asian hotel is luxurious and massive in size. The crafts and design is Chinese and has 235 rooms, apart from other attractions like wonderful dining services. This hotel is at No,32 The Bund, 32 Zhongshan, Dong Yi Road, Shanghai. The hotel offers best services and lounge facilities at US $765 per person for a day.

iStock ImageKnown affectionately as «High-Rise-Harry», he is Oz’s apartment building tycoon. He was born in China to Russian parents and started his career as a taxi driver. He now owns hundreds of flats in Sydney and North Shore.

iStock Imageitalian luxury traditional furniture, modeneseinteriors.com, furniture In interior styling use it in offices or kid’s rooms, because yellow can be stimulating. It gives a warm, happy and welcoming feeling to the entrance of a house. Bright yellow works best as accent colour and pairs well with shades of grey for a very contemporary look. Neon yellow is currently very trendy and looks great as accent colour paired with pastels. In general use yellow in artwork, cushions, decor or an area rug to inject a splash of colour to your interior.

Another really great store that has an amazing product is Space. They specialize in high class furniture meant to add a beautiful touch to any modern house. They have amazingly chic Louis Ghost chairs which will impress all your friends. Anything you buy from Space is sure to be a hit with your guests.

iStock Imagefurniture italy These sites are similar from one point of view. They are both excavations and museums under the open air. But there are differences that will maybe influence your choice when you plan what you would prefer to see. In this article I want to write about these similitude and differences.

Brown is a great color if you want an earthy look for the living room. You may want this kind of look especially during autumn and the perfect colors for this season are red, orange, and tangerine. For accentuations, we recommend gray and black, while cream, mocha, and tan can be the colors of your walls.

This hotel in New York is a low cost hotel made in a simple, stylish design located at 216 Duffield street, Brooklyn, New York. It has a 24*7 meal serving system, «Bliss Spa toiletries» and a Wi-Fi connection. The cost of accommodation in this hotel for an individual is about $408 for a day’s stay.

To each other, my beau and I agreed that after the salad course we were able to taste the wine’s essence, and that the wine tasted nice, yet not «delicious!» like we had told the waiter.

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